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Help, I Need a Job!: Resume Building Tips

Although the peak of recruitment season has almost passed, it is never too late to refine your professional credentials! This post is the first of three that will cover some advice regarding resume building, interviewing skills, and cold-emailing and calling. We asked Aaron Scully, the president of Alpha Kappa Psi, and Rachel Ley, a current member and the president of Wisconsin Consulting Club, for their takes on resumes and how you can modify yours to reach its potential.


What are some basic essentials for every resume?

A couple of crucial things that every resume needs are strong action verbs, bullets that tell a story in a concise and effective manner, quantify details whenever possible, and a similar format throughout.

How do I use my resume to help me in interviews or when talking with potential employers?

Know your resume inside and out. Practice, practice, practice before an interview so you can have a few examples to talk about for each job or experience you have.

What is the worst resume mistake ever?

Don't lie on your resume. For example, if you put that you can speak Spanish then you better be fluent and able to speak conversational Spanish. Also, if you put that you're proficient in Excel then you better have a lot of experience with Excel because they can ask you about it and if you get in the job and you can't do Excel, then you'll look foolish.


What are some basic essentials for every resume?

Every resume should highlight education, professional experience, and leadership/involvement. These sections give a broad look at you as a candidate!

How do I best convey my abilities and accomplishments on my resume?

Using quantitative data is super helpful! For example, rather than "helped to prepare files", you could say "helped to prepare 200 files". These small touches help to quantify the impact that you had in the experience.

How do I use my resume to help me in interviews or when talking with potential employers?

I think it's important to tailor your resume to the company or industry that you're applying to. If you're applying for a client-facing role, try to mention past experiences that involve customer service skills. If you're applying for a quantitative job, touch on your most analytical experiences. This shows the potential employer that you're excited about the role and know what the job could entail.

What is the worst resume mistake ever?

Grammar, spelling, and formatting are huge! If your resume looks sloppy, a potential employer won't take the time to get to the content - which is what really showcases your skills and experiences. I would recommend having a friend or mentor glance at your resume before submitting it.

Any personal experiences with resume writing/ editing or using a resume you would like to share?

I think it's really important to have a friend or mentor read over your resume before submitting it. AKPsi brothers are perfect for this! If you can find someone with a similar major or career path, they can provide super helpful advice. Personally, I've looked to senior members of AKPsi as a resource.

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