The Executive Board and Management Team of our Fraternity


The Executive Board and Management Team

Executive Board

Payton Camilli
Chapter President
Michelle Buhai
Vice President of Administration
Nick Loberger
Vice President of Alumni Relations
Julia Carncross
Vice President of Finance
Mason Batchelor
Master of Rituals
Jake Simmons
Vice President of Membership
George Jamison
Vice President of Professionalism
Jace Hipp
Vice President of Professionalism
Suzy Dawood
Vice President of Internal Communications
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Management Team

Colin Onak
Banquet Chair
Kailey Bertam
BBA Senator
Kelly Hogan
Brotherhood Chair
Natalie Purko
Community Service Chair
Kate Buckingham
Information Systems Chair
Caroline Koehn
Fundraising Chair
Jake LeBeau
Fundraising Chair
Anna Richardson
Marketing Chair
Chelsea Wells
Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Elicia Ericksen
Outreach Chair
SaLeya Yukel
Pledge Trainer
Isaac Esch
Pledge Trainer
Kat Krska
Pledge Trainer
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