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Alumni Weekend and Network Update

First, I want to thank all who helped the Alumni weekend be a success, from the Alumni Network meeting to the tailgate. At the Alumni Network meeting we had a group of 13 alumni including Larry Litche (Class of 1959). Larry shared with the group his experience in AKPsi explaining that during his time there were only 6 members, and they had trouble gaining some traction. He said they were a close-knit group of friends in the School of Commerce (now known as the business school). In the future, we will be working with Larry and possibly setting up an event as he has some pretty amazing experiences that I’m sure a lot of people would be interested to hear about.

Some important updates with the Alumni Network:

1) One action the Alumni network wants to roll out immediately is a scholarship for members. They all agreed that they would be glad to give back to brothers who may find it hard to pay dues, and hope to fill that need. I will keep everyone updated on the scholarship in the coming weeks.

2) Another item in the works is an updated directory of alumni that is available for all members, and my committee will be working on the specifics of what that will look like in the future.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

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