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Our Alpha Mu graduates remain a part of a close and connected community long after graduation. Each semester, Alpha Mu hosts a much anticipated Alumni Weekend, where alumni return to campus to reconnect with current members and alumni of all ages. In addition, we often find our alumni returning with their current employers at exclusive recruiter events and individually to share their post-college experiences with younger members. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay connected through the traditions and shared experiences we maintain in our chapter, no matter the pledge class. 



How did you get involved with AKPsi?

AKPsi obviously has a huge rep on campus so I rushed my first semester freshman year and didn't get in. I was so set on being in the org because I loved everyone in it so I re-rushed. Very glad I did as AKPsi served as my support system throughout college, and my best friends and college roommates all came from AKPsi. I even got my first job as a Hotdogger for Oscar Mayer in large part due to two AKPsi alumni who helped me along with that hiring process.

What was your journey like in AKPsi?

My journey through AKPsi was one of immense growth. I had a very tumultuous time my first two years in college and AKPsi kept me going and gave me a great group of friends. It was such a welcoming group that I threw my entire weight into the org which resulted in me becoming President my senior year which was not planned. Moral of the story, whatever you put into the org you will also get out. In addition, AKPsi taught me having a buzz-cut and wearing Eddie Bauer Khakis with sandals to parties isn't a great look so there is an immense amount of style development I gained from AKPsi that I have to mention here #LifeAtKohls.

Where are you now?

I currently live in Los Angeles working as an actor and video editor. I manage a team of 3/4 editors for a production company called Slappers Only and am represented by a very, very small talent agency. Give Slappers Only a follow on IG and YouTue so I can continue to be employed, and you will be rewarded by seeing me as background in their sketches.

Mitch McMahon

How did you get involved in AKPsi?

During my first semester of freshman year, my friend from high school (Kelly Lamb, a fellow Alpha Mu alum) said "Hey, I'm going to rush this business fraternity. You should do it with me!" I looked into it, asked around, went to the info session in Grainger 1100, and never looked back.

What was your jounrney like in AKPsi?

When I first joined AKPsi, I knew that it was an organization that I wanted to dedicate myself to. This group had it all: mentors, a huge network, best friends, engaged couples, role models, the list goes on. However, what I found most impressive among the group was an ability to find a balance between excelling in professional careers, contributing back to the community, and being good people and friends. I was passionate about Alpha Mu and got involved in both informal and formal roles, including fundraising chair, PR chair (now merged with marketing chair), pledge trainer, and president.

Where are you now?

Currently, I work at Google as an Associate Account Strategist. I would be based out of San Francisco but working remotely from Kailua, HI at the moment! I love my job and my company, but I prioritize my time outside of work to focus on things that are important to me: health, cooking, family + friends, and continued learning.



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How did you get involved in AKPsi?

I first heard about AKPsi during my senior year of high school from Mitch McMahon while we were helping a mutual friend with his DECA campaign at nationals in Tennessee. One year later I ended up joining AKPsi during my sophomore year of college as a re-rush in the Fall of 2017. It was easily one of the best decisions I made during college because of all the amazing people it allowed me to meet and all the opportunities it provided me.

What was your journey like in AKPsi?

Over the course of my 6 semesters as an active member, I was on a number of committees including MOR, professional, alumni, and even banquet. Because of these committees, I was able to design and distribute 4 different AKPsi shirts (many of which I hope are still in circulation) for events such as banquet, alumni weekend, and rush. During the spring of my Junior year, I had the privilege to serve as the Vice President of Professionalism alongside Jack Armstrong where we planned a number of events including multiple information sessions, a recruiter social, and an amazing trip to Minneapolis, MN.

Where are you now?

I graduated from UW this past May with a degree in Personal Finance and a concentration in financial planning. Shortly thereafter in June, I started working full-time for Baird in Milwaukee, WI as a part of their Financial Advisor Foundations Program which is a 2-year rotational program designed to develop the next generation of aspiring financial advisors. I recently passed my second licensing exam and will take my final one in December with the intention of studying for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam starting in January. If anyone has any questions about Baird, financial advising as a potential career path, or life after college, please feel free to reach out to me anytime!


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