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Uncle Iroh Supremacy

By: Reva Kumthekar, Class of 2024

Uncle Iroh Supremacy

Flameo Hotman!

Avatar the Last Airbender has been my #1 show from the moment I came home after an average day of 3rd grade, clicking through my regular channels, and came across a rerun episode that was playing on the small tv in my parents bedroom.

After watching random episodes whenever they came on Nickelodeon after school, I finally sat down to watch the entire series again the following year. From then on, I’ve rewatched the show at least 9 times (and counting).

The first few times, you get to enjoy the show, laugh along, and relive the epic story of the Boomerang Squad’s journey. The next few times you start to see and hear things you must’ve missed before, feeling delighted to still discover new parts to this masterpiece of a show, and revel that the final episode can still give you goosebumps. But suddenly, you’ve watched the show at least 6 times and you start to hear the deeper meaning behind the words some of these kids (and Iroh) say.

Being a show meant for kids, you wouldn’t really think the quotes would have much relevance to someone who is now 20. Yet, after rewatching the show yet again recently, I’ve realized just how much of what they say about power, failure, and destiny is not only relevant but inspirational.

Mushy stuff aside, this show is phenomenal and I would recommend it to any person of any age or interest. I mean, come on, there’s a reason it got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Team Avatar will always have a special place in my heart; especially the most ferociously loyal beast, Appa :)

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